Reputation Management

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of our clients’ products and/or services to evaluate their image and reputation by means of their positioning on traditional, broadcast and digital media.

Green Marketing

Communications consulting and services in our clients’ target markets that highlight their commitment to the community and to the environment, and to ecofriendly designs and sustainable promotional items. Other services include advice on modifications to their products, the production process, packaging and communication on the packaging, as well as best practices in distribution so that the products are more ecofriendly.

Public Relations

Public relations services that generate content in press releases and on social media that offer strategies on providing persuasive information that helps create awareness in society and in companies, which in turn offer guidance on possible solutions regarding sustainable development.

Global Reporting Initiative
(GRI) Report

Eureka SC is certified as a “GRI Certified SMEs Training Program” with the Global Reporting Initiative to complete GRI G4 reports using the methodology and indicators developed by this organization.