Companies that offer sustainable products and services or conduct their business by performing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities should know how to apply certain communications guidelines to inform their stakeholders about their achievements without resorting to greenwashing.

It is important to note that the information should emphasize the achievements in environmental protection and how they relate to the company’s social responsibility. It should focus on satisfying the ecological needs of the “active” green consumer or on developing those needs in the long term. Many marketing and communications professionals acknowledge that green marketing, more difficult than conventional marketing, is harder to get right. It requires new strategies that understand the critical changes in the definition of “being green”, in the development of green products, and that can be used to communicate about them in believable and impressive ways.

Eureka Sustainable Consulting (SC) recognizes those challenges and was created in 2015 to offer communications services related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainable Development. We offer our clients a new vision to differentiate the relationships they maintain with the media and with their groups of interest. We direct these relations to build, manage, position, strengthen and maintain a positive image.

Our clients know that today’s consumers are considered responsible because they:

  • Adjust their consumption based on human values
  • Make their purchases in a conscientious manner (they ask themselves where the products are coming from and where
    they will end up)
  • Achieve a balance because they buy and consume what they please, but know how to limit themselves
  • Seek to be supportive with the producers while satisfying their own needs
  • Try to have their consumption help preserve natural resources for the enjoyment of future generations
  • Realize that purchasing is an act of social consciousness


Respond appropriately and effectively to the needs brought up by sustainable development, offering solutions based on the environmental, economic and financial feasibility of each project, using strategies, methods and highly-efficient technology focused on conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources.


Socioeconomic development in harmony with the environment, promoting the knowledge and integration of social, economic and environmental methods to obtain a better quality of life for all.


to the use of sustainable development techniques, achieved through a shared responsibility with all of society and the participation of individuals, groups, businesses, institutions and governments.

Be Sustainable
in the services we offer in our country, protecting the environment.

to our client to achieve complete success in the project, using the resources necessary to guarantee that success.